Saturday, December 10, 2016



Wallace A. Johnson MBA, Commander of Spaceship DEWAJ, was a Test Pilot on the Apollo Project working for North American Aviation in Downy, Ca. during the 1960's.  Now at the age of 91 this April 2016, he has his own spaceship and is offering many programs of interest to all. Many items are available for the taking.  He is encouraging Guru's to participate with Joint Venture possibilities. The main thrust is to enlist the aid of others in a manner which will ensure that Spaceship DEWAJ remains in orbit long into the future.  Currently Free Lifetime Charter Memberships are offered.  At the age of 91, the Senior Navigator Test Pilot's time is short and his Spaceship DEWAJ will be his legacy to his family, friends, and the Internet.  The Commander requests you consider joining him as an Associate Co-Pilot on his Spaceship DEWAJ, a "Daring Enterprise With A Journey." Welcome aboard.


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