Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Birth Of Spaceship DEWAJ.



As a former Test Pilot on the Apollo Project, I have always dreamed what it would be like if I could have had my own Spaceship. Through the medium of the Internet, I can now fantasize. This Blog will be part of that fantasy and will tell you how Spaceship DEWAJ came to be.


At the age of 91, time flies and the days shorten. Widowed, and without children, I can see that those who through the years have asked me to put into words, my rambling thoughts, inspirations, ideas, mistakes, adventures, travels, etc. have a point. Not that anything I might say will change much, for I don't think that anything I might say will have that much influence, but in fact it has been in the back of my mind for some time now. So here it is at last.

I'm one of those who live in California that was actually born here. My birthplace was Taft, Ca. and my birthday is 18 April 1925. Taft, California is oil refinery country. My father worked for Standard Oil Co. and before I was six months old, my father returned to Havana, Cuba, where he had formerly married my mother. As the Superintendent of the Beloit, refinery in Havana, we lived on Standard Oil Co. refinery grounds. I had a brother Willis, and a sister Wanda, who were born there. We lived well, and my childhood memories are those of a loving father and mother who doted over their children, especially me. However, those of you that remember your history will recall a revolution took place in Cuba in 1932. With Cuban soldiers bivouacked on our front lawn to protect the refinery, it didn't take my father long to decide that the safety of his family was paramount. So in late 1932 we returned to Houston, Texas.

Talk about jumping from the frying pan into the fire! The depression years were upon us, and times were rough. This was especially the case, when due to an accident at the refinery my father had an untimely death. That left my mother alone, with no skills other than being a good wife and mother with three young and quite often hungry children. As I said, times were rough.  

Many people throughout my life have had an impact on me culminating in the person I am today.  The input of these individuals worked in a synergistic way and the result is a number greater than the sum of the individual parts.  I am therefore a greater man because of the help and influence of others, to all of them I am grateful. 

I Flight Instructed with the business name of DEWAJ Flying Service.  DEWAJ stood for "Doris Elisabeth & Wallace A Johnson".  When I decided to start my journal, I called it my Spaceship DEWAJ with the acronym now standing for a "Daring Enterprise With A Journey."   So far, the journey of my life has gone on for over 91 years, and although I am in remission fighting the "Big C". (Stage IV Melanoma) and Prostate Cancer, my hopes are high, and with all good luck I intend to hang around a few more years.  You are invited to join me on my journey.

My logo says 12 Infinity With Synergy. Let's go from One to Infinity With Synergy on Spaceship DEWAJ.  Welcome Aboard!

Wallace A. Johnson MBA
Apollo Project Test Pilot 1964
Commander Spaceship DEWAJ

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