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The Origin of DEWAJ.

When I retired from the Navy, I went to work for North American Aviation as a civilian instructor on an Inertial Navigation System which was used on B52's. The contract was with the Strategic Air Command, and I was assigned to a B52 Squadron stationed at Columbus Air Force Base Mississippi. When North American Aviation won the contract to put men on the moon (The Apollo Project), I was brought back in house to help set up the training of the Mercury Astronauts who had been selected for the Lunar Landing. Using my plane (Tri-Pacer), I was flying out of Long Beach airport 12 miles south of Downy, Ca. the home of North American Aviation. I was working on the Apollo Project (The Lunar Landing Mission), When I first decided to come up with my own site involving the idea of having my own Spaceship, I knew I wanted to call it Spaceship DEWAJ. DEWAJ was an acronym for Doris Elizabeth & Wallace A Johnson. The problem was that DEWAJ meant nothing and I had to give it some meaning for the name of the Spaceship to have any kind of an impact. I was asleep one night when all of a sudden I awoke with the solution given to me in a dream. DEWAJ: A Daring Enterprise With A Journey. It was brilliant in its simplicity and at the same time a stroke of genius. Think of it.  We search the web using KEY words and Spaceship is a good one. Enterprise reminds us of the TV series but if you use it as a key word, my Spaceship DEWAJ site comes up because I have A Daring ENTERPRISE With A Journey involved. Journey is another good key word. Apollo will take you to the tv I made for Dr. Lant the CEO of Worldprofit Inc. on the death of Neil Armstrong the first man on the moon. For our 40th. wedding anniversary, I had a star in the constellation Sagittarius named DEWAJ. It was a present to my wife Doris, and it is registered and will be so for eternity. I was not fortunate enough to have any children, but my Spaceship DEWAJ URL, my blog with its articles will by my legacy to my family and friends. This effort to chronicle a few moments in my life and what they mean to me cannot go unsaid without my mentioning the fact that I am keenly aware that we are a composite of those that we were fortunate enough to interplay with as we make our journey from birth to death. In subsequent entries, I will try and give credit to those men and women who have shaped my life. Spaceship DEWAJ and is one example of those who contributed to this journey of mine I call my Life and Times. I hope you find it of interest.


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